From Bullied to Homeschooled

Caris Ragaisis, 11, of Calgary, Alta, is photographed at a local dog park after her interview. Ragaisis aspires to become a homicide detective.

Caris Ragaisis, 11, of Calgary, Alberta, has experienced both cyber bullying and online bullying, while in elementary school, she is now a homeschool child due to extreme bullying.

Ragaisis was attending a middle school in South West Calgary when she first began being bullied.

Ragaisis said people would put hurtful notes in her locker during lunch hour and after school.

She took it to her teachers for help because he didn’t know whom it was or why.

When Ragaisis first showed her teachers the notes she was told to ignore it.

Ragaisis tried to ignore it for several weeks.

“The notes were mean and I would cry alone in the bathroom,” said Ragaisis in a face-to-face interview.

Ragaisis said the notes would say she was ugly, fat, or stupid.

She felt very sad and disliked going to school.

Ragaisis told her mom about the notes one day and they went talked to the teachers.

Ragaisis said the teachers conducted a class meeting about bullying and why it is wrong.

The class meeting seemed to help although Ragaisis still felt that she had no friends and nobody liked her.

This made it hard for her to go to school because Ragaisis was often left alone without anyone to talk to during recess.

Ragaisis tried to be positive and talk to people but nobody seemed to care fore her.

“I hated school, I would cry a lot in a day, people stopped with notes but were still mean,” said Ragaisis.

Daren Fisher the principal of Samuel W Shaw School said bullying is taken very seriously at our school.

“We don’t ever want a child to alone, we are always here for them,” said Fisher in a face-to-face interview.

Fisher said the bullying incident was taken seriously students were met with and plans were put in place.

He is unsure why Ragaisis felt so sad coming to school when the bullying was dealt with.

Ragaisis said even though problems were dealt with bullying still happened, just in a silent way.

“The girls would give me nasty looks or if I asked if I could hang with them they would roll their eyes and run away,” said Ragaisis.

Ragaisis is now homeschooled due to the bullying.

She has a cell phone, which connects to a social media sites and experiences cyber bullying.

Ragaisis’ mom monitors her phone use and use of social medias sites very closely.

Her mom will check her phone every night and be sure she is not searching inappropriate content or being bullied.

Ragaisis said that she uses a site called and there are people that will comment on her posts.

The comments often state that the person’s posts are stupid, or they look dumb.

The comments are rude and make people feel bad about themselves said Ragaisis.

Ragaisis also said that her mom has taught her that people bullying online or at all don’t understand how it makes people feel.

Her mom also told her that that might be all they know.

“My mom says never to bully back because it only makes things worse,” said Ragaisis.

Ragaisis said she and her mom block people who leave negative comments on the site.

“Its better to just not reply and get them away from my page,” said Ragaisis.

According to 64 per cent of kids had been bullied at school and 1 in 5 Canadian Teens have witnessed online Bullying.

“STOP A BULLY is committed to providing any student, parent or educator opportunity to report bullying and cyberbullying in a safe and anonymous manner by giving them an effective online reporting system,” sated 

According to sending a mean text, e-mail, or instant messages and posting nasty pictures or messages about others in blogs or on web sites are all ways of cyber bullying.

“Just being supportive to a person who’s been bullied is comforting. It shows that someone or many people care,” stated

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