Kyle Moore or better known as KEMO

Kyle Chase Moore, 20, of Calgary Alta, performs locally at the Border Crossing every second Monday night during “Hip-Hop Night.”

It all began in grade eight for Moore. He was just hanging with a couple of friends when they all decided to try something new.

They all started working on raps; the three guys didn’t really think they were that great.

Many of their friends would applaud their work and continue encouraging them.

That encouragement from friends lead to more confidence and Moore felt empowered to keep on going.

Moore was in junior high when he realized he had a passion for writing and performing his music. Since that day in grade eight Moore, has been preforming at local pubs.

After school Moore, would “hang out” with a friend they would be calling each other names and just playing around. He was called Kemo; Moore says there is no real meaning behind the nickname but it has stuck and is now his stage name.

“It just sounded cool, like a real rapper.”

Moore spent most of his life living as dependant younger brother. He spent three years living with his father in Winnipeg as an only child. In spite of always having older siblings or influences Moore has always tried to be himself.

“I’ve always been an open-minded person and always tried to look from every perspective, especially since I started writing.”

Now Moore is a local up and coming hip-hop artist. He co-hosts the Hip-Hop shows with his friend Kevin Gallinger. Along with hosting the Hip-hop shows Moore also writes his own “tracks”.

When it comes to inspiration Moore, says he looks for it everywhere, because it’s something that is everywhere. When writing he tries his best to express how he feels.

“So much of my inspiration comes from just living life.”

Every now an then Moore will hear something and think “damn, that could be a really cool concept.”

He says with right mindset one will find inspiration everywhere.

“My biggest struggle would be the constant innovation, the changes, the way music went from touching lyrics to catchy beats, and how passion turned to greed and a selfish lifestyle.”

Moore is not saying there are not real artists left in the hip-hop industry, but that there has been a dramatic change between old school rap “punch-lines and metaphors” to more moderate rap.

“I want to keep old-school hip-hop alive and all the true passion behind it, but it’s brutally hard, for not just me, but everyone who feels the same, because the whole industry around it is being warped and moulded to fit our new generation.”

Kemo Preforms April 10, 2017 at the Border crossing Pub.

Moore is strongly influenced by other hip-hop artists such as Eminem, Tupac, Lunar C, and MGK. Moore’s friends also have strongly influenced and impacted his career in the music industry.

Hosting the Hip-Hop Night at the Border Crossing pub is definitely a step in the right direction for Moore.

Kevin Gallinger, 21, of Calgary Alta, is Moore’s friend and co-host of Hip-Hop Night.

He has been a friend of Moore for more than 10 years. And has been co-hosting the Hip-Hop Night for approximately four months. Gallinger sets up lighting and music for each show. It can be a very stressful couple of hours prior to the show. Sometimes Gallinger does not have music tracks until 10 minutes before the artist goes on stage.

“It can be a struggle for sure, but we manage and always seem to have great show.”

Gallinger and Moore work as team to make sure the night runs smooth.

Gallinger prefers to stay behind the scene and run all the technical stuff.

He has been watching Moore grow as an individual for the past few years, and is very impressed with his ability to keep up with the “times.”

“His love for old school hip-hop is a great contribution to his modern hip-hop performances.”

Gallinger watching Kemo Preform April 10, 2017.

Gallinger is impressed with Moore’s growth and can’t wait to see where his skills take him.

Moore describes music as a way of escape. Life can bring a person up or down and for Moore performing helps him escape from the negative moments and enhance the positive.

“You find euphoria in music and it can magnify any emotion.”

Moore explains music as “universally diverse”. The industry is a big part of that because it makes music accessible nationally and globally.

Moore will sometimes look back on some of his first videos and “cringe”. He says he never really discovered his talent but rather developed a skill.

“The more you do anything, the better you get at it.”

Moore has performed on stage with a very friend of his Sean Dayz.

Dayz is known as Izzy Dayz while performing.

Dayz says he has learned a lot from Moore and enjoys performing with him.

It’s always a fun time, building each other up and encouraging one another just comes naturally.

“We’re literally a giant family of brothers, helping each other along the way,” Explains Dayz

“Being on stage with Kyle is great, he gives motivation, and encouragement.”

“He really wants to see us all succeed.”

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